A Big Thank You to all who Supported Jane and her 8 Month Old Daughter


While working in Kauma Time Malawi’s founder, Maddie, came across Jane and her 8 month old baby. While not part of any of Time Malawi’s current projects we were still keen to help her. Jane is only 20 years old and had been treated badly by her husband. He would often leave her 3 or 4 days without food. When Time Malawi staff met her she was crying, she hadn’t ate for 6 days and her husband was telling her to leave and to go back to her family in Kasungu, 120KM North of Kauma. Her family wouldn’t take her back as they can’t afford the extra mouth to feed .The situation for her and her young child was clearly a dire one.

Time Malawi set out to raise 80,000 Malawi Kwacha, about £90, to help Jane and her baby.  Thanks to the many generous donations we were able to raise £595. This significantly surpasses our original target and the extra money will allow us to help other vulnerable girls and women.

In the month since meeting Jane Time Malawi have helped her to find her own house, for her and her baby, in Kauma, to buy essential items for the house and to provide money for enough food for them both for the next few months.  Time Malawi has also supported Jane by teaching her business skills including budgeting, cash flows and savings. Jane has also been supported by the other Time Malawi programme participants, who were all keen to help. Jane now has a small business selling tomatoes that will help her pay for rent, food and other essential items. Both mother and baby are now much happier and Jane is eager to grow her business over the next 6 months. These photos show the transformation Time Malawi have enabled from meeting Jane one month ago to now.

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