Time Malawi offers a range of volunteering opportunities for passionate and creative individuals.  Our overall aim is to create a healthy and happy sustainable futures for rural communities in Malawi.  The various programmes we run in support of this aim provide a range of volunteering opportunities on projects covering:

  • Micro-business
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Health 

The breadth of work we do means there really is a volunteering opportunity suitable for everyone.  If the idea of volunteering and making a real difference in one of the poorest parts of Africa sounds like the perfect adventure then read more about our volunteering programmes below.

Microfinance Projects

Time Malawi provides business skills and entrepreneurship training and empowers local entrepreneurs enabling them to create and grow sustainable businesses.  Time Malawi supports all local entrepreneurs who have produced a viable business plan by providing access to microloans which support the growth of their business.  When these microloans are repaid Time Malawi reinvests this money, supporting further entrepreneurs, creating a sustainable and ongoing cycle of business creation, poverty reduction, job creation and women’s empowerment.  These microfinance projects support unskilled rural women helping them to start and grow small businesses which generate sustainable incomes and help them to achieve financial independence, and in doing so allow them to better support themselves and their families.  Through this process we build a stable economy with the right tools to tackle issues like access to education, school dropout rates, access to healthcare and gender based violence among our target communities.  Time Malawi welcome volunteers on our microfianace projects for periods of 1-4 weeks.


Women make up most of the agricultural workforce in Malawi.  Time Malawi runs agriculture projects which proivde the training and resources required to start sustainable agricultural business in both the arable and poultry farming sectors.  We focus on simple and accessible techniques that have proved successful for small-scale rural farmers in Malawi, and that make use of technology that requires low levels of investment.  Time Malawi provide microloans to cover the costs of scaling up farming operations and when these are repaid reinvests this in supporting further small holding farmers.  Our agriculture programmes help the rural women we support to become self-sufficient and to provide an income for their families.  Over the longer term our programmes help to improve food security which benefits the whole community.  Time Malawi welcome volunteers on our microfianace projects for periods of 1-12 weeks.


Time Malawi provides opportunities for volunteers teaching at nurseries and primary schools in the rural communities where we work.  Through our education programmes we also accept volunteers who would like to carry out work to improve nursery or school facilities.


Local and mobile clinics are key to improving access to healthcare services among Malawi’s rural communities.  We welcome volunteers who are looking to work in health promotion or health research.  Time Malawi have a strong partnership with the local clinic in Kauma and volunteers can work on these projects:

  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Health promotion
  • Counselling services
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Water, Sanitation and hygiene (WASH)


Time Malawi is also more than happy to support undergraduate, postgraduate and other researchers who wish to carry out academic research related to health, social sciences and business development in rural Malawi.  We can help to facilitate primary research by assisting researchers with accommodation searches and with local research assistants.  To tailor your research visit to your specific research needs and discuss costs contact us via the details on the contact us page of this website.

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Time Malawi will be accepting volunteers in the following months:

  • May – June 2018
  • July – September 2018

Research visits are welcome year round.

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